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The INF4INiTY Project:
Integrated designs for Future Floating oFFshore wINd farm TechnologY

Developing critical technologies for the offshore wind farm of the future.
Providing solutions for current techno-socio-enviro-economic challenges of the industry.

Nature inclusive designs for subsea components of floating offshore wind installations

At a glance

HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-01 (Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply)
Type of Action
January 2024 – December 2027 (48 months)
13 partners from 8 countries
Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
Total Budget
5,994,964.00 €
EU Grant
By combining world class numerical modelling and experimental modelling expertise with leading industrial technology development, INF4INiTY provides solutions for the current techno-socio-enviro-economic challenges of the floating offshore wind industry. In particular, INF4INiTY delivers two major technology innovations:

1. An innovative nature inclusive design for gravity anchors and their associated scour protection system and

2. An innovative primary artificial reef structure combined with the floating structure of a floating offshore wind turbine.

Some of the contributions of the INF4INiTY project are:

  • Reduced use of primary raw materials and reduced dependency on scarce raw materials
  • Improves the performance of offshore wind turbines
  • Reduce the possible impacts of offshore wind turbines on protected species and habitats
  • Increase sustainability of FOW turbines
  • Reduce LCOE and improve the use of the marine space
  • Enhanced sustainability of renewable energy and renewable fuels value chains, taking fully into account social, economic and environmental aspects in line with the European Green Deal priorities.


Sustainable Innovations for Offshore Wind: INF4INiTY’s Nature Inclusive Design (NID) Approach

Reduce the LCOE of floating offshore wind while decreasing the environmental impact of installations
Develop an innovative artificial reef structure combined the floating structure of the FOWT
Develop an innovative nature-inclusive designs for gravity anchors and their associated scour projection system
Provide pathways to commercialisation for nature-inclusive designs in floating offshore wind

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10 July 2024

The INF4INiTY project’s Second General Assembly & Scour Protection Course

12 February 2024

INF4INiTY, a joint innovative floating offshore wind project launches in January 2024